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This program was written and developed by local New Orleans HVAC people with at least thirty years experience in this field each.

Technical support is available only for registered users.

In order to avoid the time lag for assistance, please read through this section of

Frequently Asked Questions

before contacting us:

1. Is FastCalc Energy Star approved, or an ACCA Manual J approved?

No, FastCalc is not intended to be ACCA manual J, or E-star compliant. It simply uses mathematical values comparable to those of other established HVAC load calculation formats.

(However, the International Code Council allows an "other approved" calculation method, referring to what will satisfy the local inspector. This product does NOT promise to fulfill any regulatory code documentation requirements)

 It can simply be used also, as a tool to know WHEN to use other products which may be designed for that purpose. (i.e. ACCA, Wrightsoft, Elite Software Rhvac, Rezcalc, etc.)

2. Do you have anything that tells me where I am to get the figures for some of the entries on the spreadsheet. i.e., winter temperature, cfm? Is there a setting closer to what my humidity level that I should be using? Where can I find more info on this?

These spreadsheets assume all users have some rudimentary knowledge of load calculation techniques, it is intended only for experienced personnel in this trade. Design conditions can be found in ACCA Manual J. Try their website and buy a copy of MJ8ae. You also might take a course in load calculation at a local Community College. You might possibly find some published weather standards online, by Googling the phrase "ASHRAE 2% design temperature" to find other sources of this info. We purposely avoid including information specific to other copyrighted sources because we don't like spending time with lawyers.

3. What versions of Microsoft Excel is FastCalc compatible with?

The bottom line here is "test the trial to see if it is!".

We currently offer one version of FastCalc. It is an executable file which may have some compatibility issues with Excel 1997 or earlier. Microsoft changed their default Excel file format with Office 2007, and 2010, which our current version of FastCalc works with. OpenOffice will not work properly with Microsoft's specific macro codes for the formula executions. Bear that in mind when trying to keep any portability between users with different programs. Excel 2003 will work with a Microsoft compatibility pack install. This will not run on Macintosh. 

The discontinued 2nd older format version of FastCalc was for Excel '97. 

4. Does this program suggest what size duct to use?

No, there is no duct sizing feature. We recommend software using using ACCA Manual D or equivalent, or an appropriate HVAC textbook or technical college course explaining that task. This might be a feature incorporated in a future version.

5. I would like to order FastCalc from you and I would like to have it on a disc, how can I do that.

This program is not available by CD-rom. 

6. How can we buy this program without Paypal ?

Paypal allows the use of credit card on their website. Although most clients want the security of Paypal, you are welcome to pay by personal or company check, payable to:
FastCalc Software
c/o Brent
1999 Hickory Avenue Ste. 201
Harahan LA 70123

and indicate which product you are purchasing.

7. Does the FastCalc paid version only allow a block load calc. or can I do a room by room calc. that will tally up the individual loads so I may size the ducts.

This program was originally designed to assist the estimator in only determining the overall needs of a structure. There is a completely ramped up new version called XactRate, which has the room-by-room feature.

8. If a product update is available, how will I know?

We will attempt to contact you by your email info from purchase when new upgrades occur up yo one year after purchase. If you're not sure, just look at the latest trial version from this site, and look to see if it has a more recent version date. The latest version of FastCalc is v15.40.

9. Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

No. And it is very unlikely that Microsoft has ever refunded any one for software either. Once you have the unrestricted copy, free to copy, we have no way to get it back from you. Please "Try it before you buy it" !

10. Is the programs compatible with Macintosh?

It is not. We have no plan to format it so at this time.


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